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Irradiated cross-link polyolefin foam IXPE , the new achievement nuclear technology applied in plastic industry, which is very popular since 1990 and mass produced in USA, Japan , Korea and other countries. This technology is recommended as an advanced environmental protection technology due to no any waste emission and no Freon as the foaming agent .
We take the lead in absorbing the advanced technology from overseas and develop this IXPE techn-ology by ourselves.and then own the independent intellectual property rights, becoming a technology development enterprise. After researching for many years, we....¡¡¡¡More>>>

Irradiated cross-link polyolefin foam (IXPE) is produced by polyolefin as the raw material, adding vesicant and other special additives, eradiated by high energy electron beam and go through to form cross-linking. This process is a very important difference from the chemical cross-link polyethylene (XPE), because the chemical cross-linker additives are toxic.
The irradiated polyolefin changes the molecular into a close three-dimensional network structure, after the foaming and a series of stereotyped processes, takes form the 100 percent closed-cell foam. It is smooth, innocuous, no smell, with high quality and a beautiful surface.

Excellent characteristics:
1.Easy to process--- they are easy to compound, paste, cut, punch and press mold etc.
2.Strong thermal resistance---the closed cell can effectively reduce the energy exchange due to air convection, so it can keep warm and heat proof.
3.Impact resistance---the closed cell can be restored by itself after strongly pressing (known as memory), with shock absorption and impact resistance.
4.Sound resistance --- the closed cell can effectively reduce the energy exchange and transmit the sound.
5.Water resistance ----the closed cell and dense molecular structure of the polyolefin can effectively prevent the water infiltration.
6.Chemical resistance --- polyolefin can resist corrosion, except for the related solvent.
7.Ageing resistance --- after irradiation cross-linking, the molecular have been substantially improved in both the physical and chemical properties. Its use time can be 5 times that of the original.

To sum up, the products excellent performance determine their wide range of applications and broad prospects, being a comprehensive, replacing, new high-tech products.
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